Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021||| , but your never do at night before the sleeping "

 >Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021||| , but your never  do at night  before the sleeping <

Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021||| , but your never  do at night  before the sleeping "
Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021||| , but your never  do at night  before the sleeping 

Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021 but your never  do at night  before the sleeping ,

Smart Sleeping 10 Tips 2021  .... sleep experts never do at night before bed Getting enough sleep affects almost everything...your mood, your weight, and your immune system. 

But many people don't get enough rest all night. Less than half (49%) of American adults do not get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep, according to a Better Sleep Committee survey conducted since March. 

More than half (52%) of the respondents said their sleep quality was 'bad' or 'at least'.

Smart Sleeping Tips 2021 that what you do before going to bed has a huge impact on the quality and duration of your sleep. Smart Sleeping Tips ....they should never do before going to bed. 

Of course, no one has perfect sleeping habits. Here are 9 things not to do to maximize the effectiveness of sleep.

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Here are some Smart Sleeping Tips 2021.

  1. Avoid tense conversations
  2. No exercise before bed
  3. no work in bed
  4. Absolutely no caffeine
  5. No news watching
  6. Avoid alcohol as much as possible
  7. Staying awake in bed for long periods of time,
  8.  don't turn on the bright lights
  9. Do not use electronic devices without a blue light filter
  10. obstructive sleep apnea

1.Avoid tense conversations ,

Avoid tense conversations......Do your best to avoid heated conversations before bed. As the saying goes, never go to bed angry. Otherwise, bad emotions can harden into anger. 
.......There is also research supporting the fact that bad memories are hard to get back after one night of sleep.

....Doing this over and over again creates an unhealthy pattern. Confrontation with other people triggers a stress response, which disrupts sleep.

..... It’s important to create a peaceful environment where you and your partner can sleep well.”

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2. No exercise before bed,

>No exercise before bed.....Exercise in the morning or during the day can be a great help in improving insomnia at night,

........but exercising late in the evening can have the opposite effect. A lot of people work out at night with the goal of ‘tiring the body’, but it only makes it harder to fall asleep.< work in bed, 

>No work in bed....Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home and working in bed. But keep in mind We shouldn't work in bed so our brains remember that the bed is only for sleep and sex.

..... Furthermore, it can lead to insomnia. If you already use your home as an {office} use the bed only as a place to relax. 
.......Setting it up as a place to escape from some kind of hard work will make it easier to sleep.

.....As you engage in more and more stimulating activities in bed, your brain slowly develops a psychological association that the bed is a place to stay awake other than sleep.<

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4. Absolutely no caffeine,

Absolutely No caffeine........Do not drink caffeinated beverages after 2pm. All caffeinated beverages, including coffee, soda, iced tea, or energy drinks, are stimulating.

...... Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a cellular component that plays a major role in concentric muscle for sleep.

5.No News watching, 

> No news watching Perhaps many people watch the news late at night and get new information such as Corona 19 or the political situation, but in fact, it is not a good way to sleep

......Before going to bed, it's best to avoid anything that could make you feel anxious or nervous. 

......Unfortunately, the news these days is full of news that stimulates our anxiety and causes us to feel bad. News sometimes keeps us more sleepy than watching a horror movie. 

.......Images and information that arouse violence and fear interfere with sleep.

6. Avoid alcohol as much as possible, 

 >Avoid alcohol as much as possible ...Some people fall asleep drinking at night. In fact, alcohol seems to have an effect on sleep, but it's only when you first fall asleep. 

.........I am against drinking alcohol at night. Drinking can disrupt your sleep structure later on, making it difficult to get a good night's sleep. 

.......If you need to drink alcohol in the evening, it is best to drink it before bedtime. Alcohol needs time to get out of your body.<

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7.Staying Awake in bed for long periods of time,

>Staying awake in bed for long periods of time.....Many people go to bed early for 10 hours of sleep, but in reality they only get 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

........... Please don't spend more time in bed than necessary. All the time you are awake in bed, your brain begins to make associations that the bed is both a waking place and a sleeping place

.........Ultimately, it can disrupt your sleep cycle and reduce the quality of your sleep.<

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8.don't turn on the bright lights, 

>don't turn on the bright lights....When I went on a fishing trip abroad with my nieces and nephews, I realized how important it is to avoid artificial lighting before going to bed.

.......... We had no electricity on the island every night, so we had to use temporary lighting. Some parents who went on a fishing trip said it was too dark to sleep well. You can definitely fall asleep more deeply without light.

.......Exposure to bright light reduces the secretion of melatonin. In addition, continued exposure to light at night causes changes in circulatory rhythm (or daily sleep cycle-wake cycle), 

.........contributing to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. What can you do to avoid light at night in your home? First, a few hours before bed, turn off all lights in the house except for a few lights.<

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9.Do not use electronic devices without a blue light filter,

>Do not use electronic devices without a blue light filter.... In the science of sleep and circulation, we use the term 'time transmitter' to describe the environmental cues that help us enter the 24-hour cycle.

........Light is the most powerful “transmitter” that signals the brain to stay awake. Prolonged exposure to bright light before or after bedtime keeps us awake and naturally reduces sleep time.

......... Exposure to light at night disrupts the natural production of melatonin, a hormone secreted in response to darkness in the brain that helps us fall asleep.<

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10.obstructive sleep apnea,

>obstructive sleep apnea....Snoring is a type of sound produced when the soft tissues of the upper airway vibrate when breathing during sleep. 

......Snoring is very common in men, but it occurs more often in women, especially during pregnancy or after menopause.

.......Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a breathing disorder during sleep characterized by snoring and repeated collapse of the pharyngeal airway during sleep, 

........with a partial decrease (hypopnea) or complete cessation of airflow (apnea) despite efforts to breathe. ) occurs.

 ........occurs when muscles relax during sleep, causing soft tissues to collapse and block the airways.

 As a result, breathing often stops. Your doctor should determine if snoring is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea.<

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