"health benefits of nutmeg in 2021" benefits, disadvantages and many uses of nutmeg,

 Health Benefits of nutmeg, Benefits, Disadvantages of Nutmeg and Many Uses of Nutmeg,

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 Health Benefits of nutmeg

health benefits of nutmeg in 2021| benefits, disadvantages and many uses of nutmeg,

Nutmeg and mace are obtained from a tree called myristica. There are many species of Myristica, but most nutmeg of commercial nutmeg is derived from Myristica fragrans.

Nutmeg is an evergreen tree for the island of Moluccas, Indonesia. It provides two spices - nutmeg and mace. It is extensively grown in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Grenada, Kerala, Sri Lanka and South America.

There are about 40 species of Myristica species, which are available in India, Australia and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. This is the primalinga diocese, tree. Its flowers are small, tufted and orbital axillary.

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    Health Benefits of Nutmeg - Winter ,

Health benefits of nutmeg - To avoid the side effects of cold weather, scrape the nutmeg slightly, put a pinch in the mouth and suck it. 

You should do this work throughout the winter at intervals of one or two days. It protects from the natural heat of the body, so it should be used in cold weather.

Health benefits of nutmeg,

If the milk is not digested after the baby is weaned, add half the water to the milk, boil a nutmeg in it. After cooling this milk a little, give the baby a warm, spoonful bowl and give it to the child, this milk will be digested.

Health benefits of cold-cough nutmeg,

Licking half a teaspoon nutmeg on an empty stomach in the morning does not cause gastric, cold and cough problems. Taking four to five drops of nutmeg oil with sugar relieves stomachache.

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Health benefits of nutmeg - drive insomnia away,

Insomnia has a bad effect on health and it also has side effects on the skin. Nutmeg can also be used to keep the skin young. 

For this, you have to apply nutmeg on your skin daily. This will also eliminate the insomnia complaints and the skin will also be refreshed.

Protection of children - Health benefits of nutmeg,

Take equal quantity of nutmeg powder and dry ginger powder in the condition of cold and cold, then mix 3 pinches of this mixture in cow's ghee and lick it twice a day.

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Health benefits of nutmeg are also beneficial in diarrhea and acne,

Grind nutmeg and consume that water and applying paste on the navel stops diarrhea. Grind nutmeg in milk and apply on the face when you have acne. Acne disappear.

Diarrhea and stomach ache - Health benefits of nutmeg,

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benefits and uses of nutmeg,

If you are having diarrhea or are having abdominal pain, then roast nutmeg and make four parts of it. Suck a portion and ask the patient to eat. Feed each portion in the morning and evening.

Health Benefits of Nutmeg - Increase Appetite,

If you are not feeling hungry for any reason, then suck a pinch of nutmeg, this will increase the digestive juices and increase the appetite, the food will also be digested well.

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Healthy benefits of nutmeg for mouth ulcers,

Cook nutmeg in water and gargle with that water. Mouth blisters will be fine, throat swelling will also go away.

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Health benefits of nutmeg - wipe facial freckles,

To remove freckles on the face or on the skin, you should rub the nutmeg on the stone with water. 

After grinding, make a paste and use this paste in the area of ​​wrinkles, it will also improve your skin and get rid of wrinkles.

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Frequent urination will give you health benefits of nutmeg,

If someone wants to urinate frequently, mix 2-2 grams of nutmeg and white musli and swallow it with water, once a day, for 10 consecutive days.

Health benefits of nutmeg are the enemies of wrinkles,

To remove facial wrinkles, grind nutmeg and apply it on wrinkles for a month, then you will get rid of wrinkles soon. Grind nutmeg,

 black pepper and red sandalwood in equal quantity and apply it on the face, it increases the glow of the face, removes acne.

Erases old scars - Health benefits of nutmeg,

Sometimes there are some bruises on the skin, sometimes indigo and similar sores on the skin. Mix mustard oil in the nutmeg and massage it. 

Wherever you have old scars on your skin, they will begin to lighten in no time from daily massage. Massaging with nutmeg will also bring blood circulation and agility in the body.

Health benefits of nutmeg are irritation in paralyzed organs,

What are the benefits of nutmeg?  Which vitamin is in nutmeg?  What are the types of nutmeg?  What is the difference between betel nut and nutmeg?  benefits of nutmeg,
What are the benefits of nutmeg?

  1. On parts with paralysis outbreaks, nutmeg should be applied on parts and applied daily, after doing so for two months, the possibility of dying of organs has been observed.
  2. Health benefits of nutmeg Digestive system - Stimulant for the stomach increases digestive juices in the stomach, which increases appetite. After reaching the intestines, it removes the gas from there.
  3. Health benefits of nutmeg - If you are having severe headache, just rub the nutmeg in water.
  4. Health benefits of nutmeg - If the back pain is not ending after delivery, grind nutmeg in water and apply it on the waist in the morning and evening, the pain will disappear in a week.
  5. Applying nutmeg on torn ankles - For cracked joints, grind nutmeg finely and fill it in wives. The legs will be filled in 12-15 days.
  6. Health benefits of strong nutmeg for heart: Eating nutmeg powder with honey makes the heart strong. Stomach also remains fine.
  7. If you are sick then drink nutmeg mix water. Health benefits of nutmeg: By grinding a little nutmeg and mixing it with water, drinking it also cures nausea.
  8. Health benefits of nutmeg increase the eyesight
  9. Grind it a bit and apply it in the eyes like kajal, it increases the light of the eyes and ends the itching and blurring of the eye.
  10. Hypnosis increases with voice, health benefits of nutmeg It also increases strength. Nutmeg also produces hypnosis in the voice.
  11. Health benefits of nutmeg, erase dark circles under eyes To remove dark circles under eyes, apply nutmeg daily at night at bedtime and wash it when it dries. Dark circles will be removed after some time.
  12. Health benefits of nutmeg to cure toothache immediately; If you have a toothache, apply nutmeg oil to the cotton swab and place it on the sore tooth or molar; If there are insects in the teeth, they will also die.
  13. Health benefits of nutmeg benefits in pain; In case of stomach pain, drip 2-3 drops of nutmeg oil in a vessel and eat. Rest will come soon.

 Health Benefits of nutmeg, Benefits, Disadvantages of Nutmeg and Many Uses of Nutmeg,

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