smart health Tips:- types of depression in 2020

smart health Tips:- types of depression in 2020, symptoms of depression,In the state of depression, the person feels helpless and depressed. Happiness, peace, success, happiness, even relationships for that person-person become meaningless.  

Smart Health Tips: - Types of Depression in 2020

Smart Health Tips Types symptoms of depression. In the state of depression, the person feels helpless and depressed. Happiness, peace, success, happiness, even relationships for that person-person become meaningless. 

This shows that he has an aggressive temperament, abusive speech, and excessive suspicion of dishonesty in relationships. During this time he feels despair, tension, unrest, disinterest.

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The physical causes of depression are many.

The physical causes of depression are also many. Malnutrition, heredity, hormones, weather, stress, disease, intoxication, prolonged stay in unpleasant conditions, backache, etc. are prominent among them. 

In addition, 90 percent of depression patients have sleep problems.

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 It is known as disease or syndrome

Depression or depression refers to the sadness of emotions in the field of psychology. It is known as a disease or syndrome. Mostly this stage is serious about the person's love affair. 

In any person's life, too much attachment towards their life partner is the main or the biggest reason.

 According to psychoanalysts, depression can have many causes. It basically depends on the texture of a person's thinking or his basic personality. Depression is not an incurable disease.

 There are biological, genetic, and psychosocial reasons behind it. Not only this, but depression can also be caused due to biochemical imbalance.

So family members should be aware

 The disease of its excess can even lead to suicide. Therefore, the family should be aware and a family member remains silent, spends most of his time alone, talks pessimistically,

 so immediately take him to a good psychiatrist. Do not let him be alone. Try to laugh

According to psychoanalysts, women are naturally more prone to depression than men.

According to psychoanalysts, women are naturally more prone to depression than men but may suffer from unwanted pressures. For this reason, it is often believed that depression surrounds women early.

 In contrast, men often hesitate to accept their state of depression. According to rough estimates, one in ten men, while every five in ten women are prone to depression.

Depression is related to the same areas of the brain from which the sleep cycle and the state of awakening are controlled.

Depression is also often caused by a lack of neurotransmitters of the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals found in the brain that establish consistency in various parts of the brain and body. 

Their deficiency also reduces the body's communication system.

 Symptoms of depression appear in person.

 Symptoms of depression are seen in the person. This type of depression is genetic. Difficulties in decision-making due to depression, laziness, anorexia, lack of sleep, irritability or frustration in general recreational things are seen in a person. 

One of the reasons for depression is its complementary anxiety (anxiety).

Pranayama has proved very helpful in its treatment in yoga.

Pranayama has proved to be very helpful in the treatment of this in yoga. Sometimes a tendency of excess irritability, arrogance, bitterness or aggression or atheism, sickness and guilt or solitude begins to develop or the person becomes oriented towards intoxication. 

In such a situation, it is important that we contact a psychiatrist.

 Give the person a happy atmosphere

 Give the person a happy atmosphere. Do not leave him alone and do not disguise at all. Encourage his interests, instill confidence in him, and try to find out the reason.

Some US scientists have claimed this after extensive research

Some US scientists, after extensive research, have claimed that if a person consistently practices positive thinking, it may be the only treatment for his depression or depression. 

The American Academy of Family Physicians says that people should not think negatively. Nor should you be worried about the fear of failure.

 Instead of them, always keep positive thinking in mind which will be good.

This problem catches women quickly even after other members of the house have depression disease

Even with other members of the house having depression disease, this problem catches women early because they have more attachment to the house than men. 

Due to this, sometimes the desire to commit suicide starts hitting them. Therefore, the depression of women is more dangerous than men.

 Although depression in the era of recession and competition.

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Now the youth have started hunting

Now the youth have also started taking their prey so efforts should be made that you look for happy moments and keep positive thinking. 

The basic measures to avoid this are staying busy, staying busy, taking time for yourself, eating a balanced diet, taking time for yourself, and increasing social interaction. 
Psychedelic psychotherapy is being studied to treat depression.

smart health Tips:- types of depression in 2020

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