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depression medication--side effects of medication for depression||

depression medication--side effects of medication for depression, Depression from medicines can be a common side-effect. But it is not so common with other medicines.

depression medication--side effects of medication for depression in 2020.

Severe diseases like heart attack, paralysis are also increasing due to depression and stress. If treatment is not started on time, it can prove fatal for health. New medicines for depression have arrived, which are more effective than old medicines and 

They do not have any side effects on the health of the patients.
Due to the runaway life and stress at the workplace, depression disease is increasing rapidly among people. 

According to a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) about a month, ago, around five crore people in the country suffer from depression. The doctor says

This is the reason WHO's the theme on World Health Day on 7 April is depression. This is the second time in the last 10 years that WHO has made mental health ailment the theme of World Health Day. 

A conference has been organized in AIIMS on Friday to make people aware of depression and mental illnesses. Prof. Dr. Rajesh Sagar of the department said that it is a brain disease.

 People suffer from depression disease due to neuro-related chemical imbalances.

How much the risk is, it depends on the medicine.

  1. the patients used to get sleepy due to the use of chronic depression drugs. Apart from this, many more side effects were being said.
  2. According to the study, side-effects of medicines given for heart diseases, contraceptive medicines, and some analgesics can cause depression.
  3.  Now such new medicines have arrived which are fed to the patients during the day and they do not sleep. Depression patients have to take medications for a long time. 
  4. However, these drugs do not cause side effects on the patient. He said that one in every five people suffer from depression, 
  5. but people hesitate to see a doctor. Depression can be identified by examination. He said that depression is a major health problem.
  6. You may have things like a red rash, headache, or vomiting on your skin. But a new study in the United States has claimed that the most commonly used medicines can increase the risk of depression.
  7. Depression from contraceptive medicines can be a common side-effect. But it is not so common with other medicines.
  8. One person in ten usually has side-effects, while one in ten thousand occasionally gets side-effects.
  9. Its information is written on the paper given inside the medicine packet and information can also be collected by searching online.
  10. Professor David Taylor of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society says, "It should also be noted whether there has been any practical explanation for the depression caused by the medicine."
  11. For example, the contraceptive pill has a direct relationship with hormone levels and mood.
  12. But in the case of medicines like heart disease, it is difficult to find out whether the cause of depression is medicine or any other condition.
  13. Professor Taylor says we are not so good at finding out now. We cannot tell if medication is the cause of depression or any other reason for the course time which has nothing to do with medicine. "
  14. Professor Taylor advises that if you are currently taking any of these medicines and you do not have any symptoms of depression, then there is no need to panic.

But those who have experienced symptoms of depression after taking the medicine should meet their doctor and tell them about their problem. Only expert doctors can give you the right advice on this.

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