great depression effect:--5 ways to avoid great depression effect ,

great depression effect---5 ways to avoid great depression effect depression, Depression is a condition that does not have any effect on the body in the initial stages, but gradually it overwhelms the whole personality of the man.

what was the great depression in 2020?

great Depression is a condition that does not have any effect on the body in the initial stages, but gradually it overwhelms and destroys the whole personality of the man. 

Then it starts to affect physical health as well and finally, the victim becomes frustrated with life and commits suicide. Therefore, it is important that such measures are adopted first so that it does not have to be a victim.

Eventually, he becomes a victim of the great depression.

Now due to lack of opportunities, stiff competition, and fast-changing conditions, many times people find themselves in a state of confusion. Now if he tries to recover from this effect somehow, 

then it is fine, otherwise slowly he becomes a victim of stress, frustration, and finally great depression.

social values ​​and beliefs have surprised anyone. Are enough for In the process of change,

This is a period of change and that too at a very fast pace. Especially in India, in the last two decades, due to the impact of economic liberalization and

 globalization, the wide-ranging changes from living to thinking and social values ​​and beliefs have surprised anyone. 

Are enough for, In the process of change, those who got their steps with time became successful, but those who failed in it increased the difficulties.

It is also a major reason for people becoming victims of the great depression.

There is no doubt that as the influence of consumerist culture increases, success or failure in the race of materiality is the biggest reason for one's happiness or sorrow today. 

It is also a major reason for people becoming victims of the great depression, but it is not the only reason. 

Failure of any test or love for the youth, feeling weak in the society compared to others, not being able to adapt to the times, etc. can also be the reasons for this.

Despite this, if it happens at any time, then the process of its treatment should start immediately. Let's know five ways that can save you from being a victim of the great depression.

1st ways to avoid great depression - take time for yourself.

Do not take the meaning of being busy at all to forget yourself. Take good care of your health while doing your professional or family work. Also, keep fulfilling your creative hobbies.

Never listen to sweet music or read books of your choice. If you want to roam somewhere. Or complete whatever is your hobby. Yes, while completing your hobby, keep in mind that your hobby is creative. 

Do not try to fulfill any hobby that gives a negative direction to your energy. Spend a little more time in bathing. If possible, sit under the shower for a long time.

 This will give freshness. If you feel the need, you can also massage to eliminate fatigue. This will relieve you from physical stress and when the body is relaxed, then the path of the mind will be relaxed. Therefore, to overcome depression, fun is necessary.

2nd ways to avoid great depression-balanced diet

Great Depression is a mental state in its basic form and the mind is very dependent on your body. To keep the body healthy, a balanced diet is most important. In such a situation, do not take drugs at all. 

Avoid too many sweet things. Sugar and caffeine or alcohol may increase your energy level for a short time, but later these things lead you to stress and frustration. To avoid such things.

3rd ways to avoid great depression - stay busy, stay cool,

Whenever you move towards sadness due to some reason or you are having a negative feeling, then the first thing to do is to stop thinking about that topic. The best way to do this is

That you become so busy that there is no attention on that side. Constantly engage in activities that prove to be inspiring for you. Do things that interest you personally. 

Which you enjoy doing. For example, reading books, listening to music, engaging in sports, strolling, writing or painting ... etc.

There are hundreds of works in which, if you are lost once, then how much time has passed, it is not known. Also, once you are engrossed in them, negative emotions may not even touch you. 

What is needed is just one thing and that is to identify your interests accurately. Identify your interests and don't do things you don't like to do.

Once you have correctly identified your interest, then set the goal of life in the same direction. Then there will be no meaning about how difficult a situation is for you.

 Then you will also find out ways to solve problems. You will be able to withstand the good and bad days and will overcome every obstacle.

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4th ways to avoid great depression - increase socializing.

You already know that loneliness is the root of many diseases in itself. Loneliness is pleasing in two situations. One is when you want to do something creative
Which requires complete concentration and peace and 

secondly when you want to avoid people's questions. But never stand alone in another situation. This loneliness can force you to migrate from life.

Whereas if you are in society, apart from the questions, you can also get answers to many of your doubts. So avoid getting alone. Hang out with people and be cool.

5th ways to avoid great depression - avoid darkness

Yes, you must have realized that sleep does not come easily in the presence of light. Whereas in the dark, no special effort is required for this. Have you ever thought about why this happens?

Actually, it is due to a hormone. This hormone called melatonin is responsible for leading us to laziness, sadness, irritability, heartlessness, or frustration. When you want to sleep under normal conditions, first of all, it lowers your body temperature.

 Then it first takes you to lethargy, then peace and then to sleep, but when you are suffering from anxiety or stress then this melatonin starts filling you with feelings of despair. 

While it gives you peace and relief under normal conditions, in situations of stress, it gives you unnecessary restlessness,

Produces apprehensions, fears, and frustrations. So when you are feeling like a victim of the great depression, never live in darkness. 

Stay in full light. Rather, try to live in a place where there is plenty of natural light. That is, instead of sitting at home or lying down, go out for a walk.

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