depression statistics-:What country has the highest rate of depression?

depression statistics, What country has the highest rate of depression? which country has the highest rate of depression,  secondary citizenship is true of half the population of the country, which cannot be hidden by the thunderous applause of a few successful women.

What country has the highest rate of depression?

which country has the highest rate of depression, secondary citizenship is true of half the population of the country, which cannot be hidden by the thunderous applause of a few successful women.

Generally, the image of India in the world mood is that of a happy country, but the truth negates this image.

According to data from the World Health Organization, India is one of the world's most depressed countries with a depression rate of thirty-six percent. 

Even more painful are the human resource statistics that suggest that one in four women is suffering from the disease.

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 Whose victim is every fourth woman in the country?

  1. Actually, women are the pillars of the family, whose love, sacrifice and dedication keeps every member of the house tied,
  2. But the whole family rejects the base pillar because the existence of a woman does not matter to them and this is the reason why her physical and mental sufferings become mere ridicule.
  3. In the desire to gain material facilities, the alleged modern families put the burden of earning 'Earth' out of the walls of the house on the shoulders of the woman, but Covey did not forget to share her responsibilities against the rites.
  4. According to the OECD, Indian men do only 19 minutes of domestic work per day, whereas in Slovenia it is 144 minutes and in America, it is 82 minutes.
  5. The double pressure of responsibilities at home and outside is gradually making the Indian woman stressed and the result of not being able to tell this situation to anyone is the depression that every fourth woman in the country suffers from.

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Which is the first stage of depression?

  1. An important aspect is that the women who are not attached to direct earning, disregarding them, not accepting their domestic labor, creates a feeling of guilt within them.
  2.  The matter is not limited to Indian women only. It is a problem ranging from teenagers to old age. This problem requires an in-depth analysis.
  3. 1 Depression is the second leading cause of lifetime reduction in the age group of 13 to 44 years worldwide and the fourth leading cause of disability in people. If people continue to suffer from this disease at the same pace, by 2020 it can become the second biggest cause of disability.
  4. According to 1 WHO, about one million people commit suicide every year in the world, of which a large number of people are victims of this disease.
  5. Why this depression? It is a well-known fact that man is a social animal, but in the last decades, 
  6. he has lost his fundamental trait and the result of which is depression.

The socio-cultural background of India has changed radically in the last two decades.
  1. The socio-cultural background of India has changed radically in the last two decades.
  2. The materialistic culture has set its feet very fast. The meaning of success has changed. Money has taken the place of relationships.
  3. In order to gain maximum economic strength in a short time, every section of the society is busy working across the boundaries of day and night. Even he has no time left for himself.
  4.  Between the fierce competition and immense ambitions, every person lives in a state of constant tension and his struggle becomes more painful that he does not understand who he believes to be his friend, whom he believes in and this fear makes him 'lonely'. Does.
  5.  The annual report of the Indian Psychiatric Society states that 'solitude' is the leading cause of depression. Emotions such as humanity, belonging and sympathy have been rejected by the alleged modern society as scraps.

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But denying man-friendly tendencies, a person's achievement cannot be,

  1. But denying man-friendly tendencies, a person's achievement cannot be achieved at all. 'Social participation' may be an immediate waste of time. 
  2. But taking care of loved ones, being involved in their miseries, is as important for society and family as it is for oneself because when the body starts getting tired at that point of life, 
  3. it gives both love, relief, and protection to their loved ones.
  4.  There are no two opinions that 'rank' and 'reputation' are associated with the identity of the successful person, but it does not mean that the successful person should give up social and human qualities. 
  5. If he does so, he will remain absolutely 'alone' and this loneliness is the first step towards 'depression'. Our cultural structure is such that even today the common man is not ready to consider depression as a disease and that is why medical aid is not taken.

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Symptoms of depression are not physically visible like other diseases,
  1. It also means that symptoms of depression, like other illnesses, do not appear to be physical but are expressed as psychological or mental conditions that are usually considered to be the result of the victim's nature or circumstances. 
  2. It is necessary that every person introspect because it can only be known whether stress is dominating us or not. Eighty percent of mental health problems can be treated without treatment. 
  3. According to the Delhi Psychiatry Association, the challenges related to mental health have increased. There are a total of 84 government mental hospitals across the country as compared to the growing mental patients, which is very less in terms of the growing population. 
  4. It has become extremely important that society thinks about which direction it is going and how its fatal outcome is coming towards us. It is also important that comprehensive awareness should be brought about depression and its symptoms.

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What are the highest examples in the country?
  1. Cultural bias, social stigma, and lack of access to screening and treatment can all affect rates of underreporting
  2. The World Health Organization tracks depression rates around the world. However, it is important to note that depression and other mental health conditions are rare worldwide.

 The most recent findings from WHO on global depression rates show that the following countries have the highest rates of depression:
  1. China
  2. India
  3. America.
  4. Brazil
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Russia
  7. Indonesia
  8. Nigeria
  9. Pakistan
  10. Iran

Us The biggest reason for advocating mental health to prevent people from getting help for their depression is the lack of adequate healthcare providers and the prohibitive cost of the drug.

In the US, one in five adults will struggle with the depressive disorder at some point in their lifetime. However, only 41% of depression sufferers will get help for their illness.

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