24Signs of depression:--Some people ignore severe depression as normal stress.

24Signs of depression:--Some people ignore severe depression as normal stress and How to recognize the symptoms of depression and get effective  in 2020

24Signs of depression:--Some people ignore severe depression as normal stress.

If your stress has started moving towards  At present, on the one hand, while the workload on people is increasing, on the other hand, the increasing emptiness in relationships pushes people towards depression. 

By the way, avoiding depression is not so difficult. If you take some small steps, you will never be depressed-

Because we can ask for help in this only if we come to know at the right time that everything is not going well in our life. These are some symptoms of depression

If your stress is moving towards depression, then its symptoms may remain for more than two months. Prominent among these symptoms is-

24 -Signs of depression

  1. Decrease in concentration
  2. The idea of ​​suicide
  3. Not interested in anything
  4. Be sad all the time
  5. Loss of confidence
  6.  Feeling tired and lethargy
  7. Not sleeping properly
  8. Less hungry
  9. Feeling guilty
  10. Excitement or physical anxiety
  11. Drug abuse
  12. Weight gain and loss
  13. Feeling restless and irritable
  14. Often the idea of ​​suicide or dying
  15. Feeling guilty, helpless and helpless
  16. Do not mind doing favorite things
  17. Decreased concentration and difficulty in decision making
  18. Breakaway from social life
  19. Distance from family and friends
  20. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs
  21. Always feeling sad and worried
  22. Communication of pessimistic thoughts in mind
  23. Too much and too little gold
  24. Change in appetite

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General sadness does not come in it, but the lack of interest in any work or thing, no interest, no happiness in anything, even lack of feeling of sorrow is a symptom of depression. 

Thoughts mean having negative thinking all the time, such as physical sleep or very sleepy.

Opening of sleep at two to three in the night and if it lasts more than two weeks is But even if four or five of these symptoms appear in the capo itself, then it indicates severe

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