stress definition| Stress is a disorder characterized by mood|| depression,

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stress definition-Stress is a disorder characterized by mood. (depression)

Stress is a disorder characterized by mood. Tension arises due to imbalance and incompatibility between mood and situation. Stress is a conflict that causes deep cracks in the mind and emotions. 

Stress is the gateway to many other psychics. Through this, the mind feels disturbed, emotionally unstable, and body malaise.

 In such a situation our performance is affected and our physical and mental development journey gets interrupted.

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The early scientific basis on the study of stress

The early scientific basis on the study of stress, Walter Cannon and Hans Selye studied animals to establish an initial scientific basis on the study of stress

They measured the animal's physiological responses to external pressures such as in summer and winter, 

in prolonged abstinence and surgical procedures, and elaborated these studies on human beings.

symptoms of stress, Different due to stress, the magnitude of stress in life

 symptoms of stress, after a follow-up study of stress in humans, Richard Reh and others believe that the causes of stress may be differentiated by the magnitude of stress in life and further by the average degree of stress production in life.

 Thus, the concept was that stress is traditionally the result of external insults for which the stress experienced is out of control. Recently, however, 

it has been argued that external conditions do not produce stress in any internal capacity,

 but rather how affected individuals mediate it with their thoughts, abilities, and understanding.

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Physical effects of stress

As a rule, in order to develop an effective stress management program, it is first necessary to identify the factors centered within the person that intervene effectively on stress. And control them. 

According to Lazarus and Folkman's interpretation, stress focuses on the transaction between people and their external environment. The model conceptualizes stress

 How a person evaluates the cause of his stress and overcomes stress through his resources.

  1. The model proposes that if the stress factor - stress link is broken then a potential stressor is perceived as a threat rather than a positive or challenging one.
  2.  if stress sufferers believe that there is no dearth of strategies for coping with stress, but sufficiently, stress does not necessarily follow the possible factors present.
  3. The model proposes that stress can be reduced, helping people with stress change their perception of stress-causing factors and cope with stress, providing skills that can improve their confidence.

Causes of stress, Suggestions for studying stress

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 causes of stress, suggestions on the study of stress suggested that stress also occurs as a result of an imbalance between demand and resources, or maybe caused by pressure greater than one's ability to bear.

 Stress management and development are based on the idea that stress is not a direct response to a stressor but a resource in which stress control can be found by allowing the ability to tolerate, change sides and mediate the stress response. 

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Health Recovery or Natural Health Model,

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The health attainment or natural health model is also based on the idea that stress does not necessarily follow the presence of a potential stress-factor. 

  1. Rather than focusing on the individual's evaluation of his or her stress coping skills -as the behavioral model does, the health realization model focused on the nature of thinking, 
  2. ultimately stating that it would be a person's way of thinking. Is the process of expressing their reaction to potentially stressful external situations.
  3.  In this model, the reason for stress is to evaluate oneself at a time when there is a feeling of insecurity and negativity,
  4. if in a state with a view of a calm mind, inner wisdom and common sense, Stress can be felt by evaluating oneself and experiencing a situation where there is a feeling of insecurity and negativity when in a state of being near the world, calm mind inner wisdom" and "normal" Go on upholding  -wisdom

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This model proposes that stressors should be helped by understanding the nature of their thinking - especially to give them the capacity to recognize when they are vulnerable to insecure thinking, to relieve them, and to force them to Use your natural positive emotions - which will reduce their stress.