Sleep yoga poses-yoga benefits for sleep time in 2020|||

Sleep yoga poses-yoga benefits for sleep time  in 2020
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Sleep yoga poses in 2020

Sleep Yoga Poses |Yoga benefits for sleep time in 2020|

To give you relief from the problem of sleeplessness, here we are telling you some easy yoga. Whose practice will completely remove this problem? Yoga For Sleep in 2020

Any change in your regular routine or change in direction of sleep or change of location also causes sleeplessness. There are many people who sleep well on their beds. In such a situation, if their place of sleep is changed then they do not sleep all night.

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Insomnia is a disease whose timely treatment is extremely important|

Insomnia is a disease whose timely treatment is extremely important. But it is not necessary that sleeplessness at night should be caused by insomnia.

 Sleep does not occur due to any mental stress or physical fatigue. So you do not have to worry.

Those who do not sleep due to minor reasons or changes|

However, after a few days, it gets used to it and you start getting better sleep again. 

If you are also one of those people. Those who do not sleep due to small reasons or changes, then you do not need to bother at all.

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Sleep Yoga Pose-Yoga benefits for bedtime in 2020|

Many other diseases surround our bodies due to a lack of sleep. In such a situation, our body and mind start to ignore any work.

 Which also has an impact on our personal life. In such a situation, you should take the help of yoga. 

This will make you physically and mentally strong, as well as relieve you from the problem of sleeplessness. Know Yoga for Better Sleep-

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Performing yoga as described below improves sleep.
  1. Sleep yoga pose-Butterfly pose
  2. Sleep yoga pose-Legs Up the Wall Pose
  3. Sleep yoga pose-2020-Udgith Pranayama

Sleep yoga pose-Butterfly pose|

To do this, sit on the ground with the feet facing forward. After this, hold both your toes by hand. Now bring the legs near the body while bending from the knee and take long and deep breaths. 

Move both of your legs from the side of the hip upwards like a butterfly's wing. Make it regular as per your ability.

 It is very beneficial for Yoga for Good Sleep.

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Sleep yoga pose-Legs Up the Wall Pose|

Laying the mat or yoga mat wall on the flat ground, lie on your back and keep the hands straight. In this position, the hands and feet should be towards the wall.

 Now slowly lift the legs and upwards and attach it to the wall. In the beginning, you can support the hands while raising the back. Keep the elbows sticking to the ground and the palms supported the waist. 

In this case, your back should be 45 degrees from the ground. Now take normal breath according to your ability. 

Stay in After this, slowly come back to a normal state. It is very beneficial for Yoga for Good Sleep.

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Sleep yoga pose-2020-Udgith Pranayama|

To do this, sit in a state of Padmasana or Sukhasana instead of a clean and clean environment. Now take deep long breaths slowly. After that, while exiting the breath, chant Breath

For as long as you can, breathe out and recite 'ॐ' while exhalingBreathing has an important role in this pranayama, so keep all your attention on your breath. 

It is very beneficial for Yoga for Good Sleep.

By regularizing the pranayama and yoga asana mentioned above, you can get relief from the problem of sleeplessness. 

It is possible that when we practice it properly, it is very easy to keep the body healthy through yoga.

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sleep yoga poses-yoga benefits for sleep time in 2020 |