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yoga asana  - yoga for diabetes |

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yoga for diabetes

is yoga good for diabetes?

Everyone knows that yoga is beneficial for our body, but we want to tell you that by practicing Mandukasana under yoga, you can also make your body worth it to start making insulin on its own.

You can get rid of this disease only when your body starts making insulin and using it. Otherwise, you will be completely dependent on the medicine.

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In today's time, diabetes is very common.

In today's time, diabetes is very common. In every third house, you will find one patient suffering from it. There are many medicines for this, but where you have left the medicine, your sugar will start increasing.

With Mandukasana Yoga, you can keep away the diabetes disease from yourself.
Mandook means a frog, and while performing this posture, our body is like a frog. That is why it is called Mandukasana. In English, this asana is called the frog posture.

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Regularizing Mandukasana yoga is increasing immunity.

It cures many diseases of the stomach like constipation, gas formation, loss of appetite, etc. "It smooths our digestive system and keeps our liver fine. Regularizing it increases immunity.

 Those who are troubled by obesity should also practice this asana daily. For high blood patients, This asana is also very beneficial. By doing this asana, the pancreas becomes active, so it is a panacea remedy for patients suffering from diabetes.

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Frog pose tips for diabetes.

To practice asana, first spread the posture in a neat and tidy place.
Now sit on this posture in the posture of Vajrasana and keep in mind that your back and neck remain very straight.

 After that, close your fists with both hands. Keeping your fist pressed your baby in and out with the help of a finger.

Now bring both your luck near the navel as shown in the picture and while exhaling, bow forward and forward during this time you do not have to look down, you have to see your face in front. 

Remain in this position for a while, and then return to the position of Roshniran, repeat this process at least 5 times.

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When not to use frog poses.

If you have any kind of injury to your waist, knee, and back, do not practice this asana. This asana should not be practiced even in pregnancy.
Avoid having this asana even if you have a stomach ulcer, or have recently undergone an operation.

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Medical advantages of Mandukasana, Mandukasana (Frog pose).

Medical advantages of Mandukasana, forestall diabetes, improve stomach related framework, ease pressure and nervousness, fortify back, hips, knees, and lower legs, improve heart wellbeing and course, diminish fat from midriff, hips, and belly,

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 yoga for diabetes