yoga tips:- yoga stress relief poses,

yoga tips:- yoga stress relief poses, You can get rid of these problems with yoga.

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yoga stress relief poses

yoga stress relief poses.

You can get rid of these problems with yoga. The regular practice of Vyaghrasana Yoga under yoga makes your spinal cord strong, which relieves the problem of back pain.

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yoga stress relief poses-Your body looks like a tiger,

While performing this asana, the shape of your body looks like a tiger, hence this asana is named Vyagharasana. By doing this, your back pan not only reduces but also relieves you from stress.

Working in front of the computer throughout the day does not move the body at all, yoga stress relief poses,

Working in front of the computer throughout the day does not cause any movement of the body, due to which there is a problem of pain in the neck, back, and waist. And when this problem starts happening every day, 

then concentration also decreases. Nowadays machinery work is increasing, due to which the physical hard work of man has reduced. The whole work is done with the mind.

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yoga stress relief poses-Vigrasana makes the spine strong and flexible,

By practicing this asana, the spine becomes strong and flexible. Doing it daily in the morning improves concentration and relieves tension. If you have sciatica or back pain all the time, 

Asanas are beneficial for you. While doing this asana, the muscles of the stomach are stretched, so it also reduces the fat of the stomach. By doing this, the blood flow in the body goes properly and the cholesterol The problem of scroll | your digestive power to regulate the seat holds fine.

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yoga stress relief poses-For Vigrasana, first, sit in the state of Vajrasana,

To practice this asana, first sit in a state of Vajrasana. Now stand on both your knees and forward your two hands. Now raise your right leg backward and bring it towards the head, during this time take the breath in.

 Now bring your feet down and tilt the head forward. Then apply your nose to the knee and leave the breath slowly. Now raise your head back and move your feet backward. 

This time repeat this process by moving the left leg upwards.
Do this at least 5 times per foot.

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yoga tips:- yoga stress relief poses,