Yoga Exercise tips:-what is the yoga discipline &yoga importance,

Yoga Exercise tips:-what is the yoga discipline &yoga importance,  Why do you need yoga discipline and impotence?
yoga discipline &yoga importance-2020
yoga discipline &yoga importance

Why yoga discipline is required.

If he is thirsty, then he does not need the discipline to drink water, he does not say that drinking water when he is thirsty is discipline. In the same way, when you are hungry, 

you do not say that I have a discipline to eat when I am hungry, in the same way, you do not say that enjoying your nature is discipline.

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Discipline is required when the first step is not pleasant but the end result is happy.

Where there is a matter of pleasure, there seems to be no need for discipline. Discipline is required when the first step is not pleasant but the end result is happy. 

Just as it is a discipline for a diabetic patient not to eat sweets, he/she may find it pleasant to eat sweets, but then there are painful consequences.

When your mind is calm, happy and situated in yourself,

Discipline is not required when your mind is calm, happy and situated in yourself, but if there is movement in the mind, the mind is excited,

 then discipline becomes necessary to calm the mind.

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It comes after discipline, that's long term happiness

The happiness that comes after following any discipline is the same satvic happiness, the same long-term happiness. The happiness that is pleasant at the beginning and painful at the end is not really happiness. 

Many times people impose such discipline that does not give pleasure to anyone else, it is a vindictive discipline. Discipline does not mean torturing without reason, the goal of discipline is to achieve bliss.

Yoga discipline: three types of happiness

  1. Sattvik pleasures
  2. Real pleasure
  3. Vengeful

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Yoga discipline-Satvik's pleasures,

Satvik's pleasures, which may not be interesting at first, may not be convenient, but the end result is pleasant.

Yoga discipline-Happiness Rajasika 

Happiness Rajasika - The beginning of which seems to be happy, but that will end in sadness and suffering.

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Yoga discipline-Tamasic Happiness

Tamasic Happiness - This is not really happy, but it gives the impression of happiness. Tamasic happiness is pain from beginning to end. Tamika's happiness does not require discipline and the wrong discipline is a real pleasure. 

The correct discipline is necessary to overcome the difficulty faced at the beginning of sattvic happiness. It is a discipline to endure what is unpleasant, it is not necessary that there are always inconveniences,

 but even after the inconveniences, discipline is required to overcome them.

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Yoga discipline - Ath Yoganushasanam

Governance is a rule that another person imposes on you- the king, society, but discipline is the rule that you apply to yourself.

Yoga Discipline:-

  1. Maharishi Patanjali says discipline is needed now, when? When all is not well
  2. When the mind is distracted and in trouble  Yoganushasanam.
  3. As soon as you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and then, before going to sleep, it's discipline. it's possible
  4. In her childhood, the mother may have imposed these rules on her, but once she is used to it and understands that it is good for her health, it is no longer her mother's rules but her rules.
  5. Similarly, staying clean, exercising, meditating, being kind, caring for others: all the rules that have been imposed are discipline.
  6. Discipline connects you, restores your dispersed existence to yourself.
  7. It is established in you. "The purpose of the discipline of yoga is to free the distracted mind from its tendencies and experience bliss.

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Yoga is very important in everyone's life,

  1. Yoga is very important in everyone's life, as it helps balance the relationship between the body and the brain.
  2. It is a type of exercise that helps to learn physical and mental discipline through regular exercise.
  3. In yoga, the Pranayama and Kapalabhati yoga actions are the most effective breathing actions. By practicing them regularly, people get relief from respiratory problems and diseases such as high and low blood pressure.
  4. Yoga is the treatment, if practiced regularly daily, it helps to get rid of diseases gradually.

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what is the yoga discipline &yoga importance,