Yoga Exercises Tips :- Yoga for Beginners in 2020

yoga exercises Tips, yoga for beginners in 2020. the practice of yoga has increased nowadays. Now someone has started doing yoga. 
Yoga Exercises Tips :- Yoga for _Beginners in 2020
Yoga for Beginners in 2020

Yoga Exercise Tips: - Yoga for Beginners in 2020.

  1. Yoga Exercise Tips For Yoga for Beginners in 2020, the practice of yoga has increased nowadays. Now someone has started doing yoga. 
  2. You should also do it because every kind of incurable disease can be cured by yoga. 
  3. Experienced yoga instructors believe that not everyone can be cured with yoga all the time. People have different lifestyles and each person has different reactions to yoga. 
  4. Therefore, no particular posture or pranayama can be fixed for any particular problem or disease.
  5.  Yoga is not like a pill or medicineYoga is very different from a normal workout.

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Yoga Exercise Important Tips for Beginners.

  1.  It is wrong to call yoga as a workout or exercise because the main purpose of yoga is not to strengthen the muscles,
  2. Rather, it aims to remove stress and other physical problems, etc.
  3. To do yoga, you need to be confident and at the same time follow certain rules and discipline. It is also necessary to continue the practice.
  4. Before doing yoga asana, it is important to know what is a yoga and what precautions should be taken to do it.
  5. Yoga is an ancient form of practice. By doing this, the body's strength and breathing are concentrated which increases physical and mental health.
  6. Asana and breathing are the two main components of yoga. Yoga began in India (5000 years).
  7. And now almost all the countries of the world have started adopting it. Yoga nowadays has started happening at health-clubs, schools, hospitals, etc.
  8.  By following the rules and etiquette of yoga, you can make yoga practice enjoyable and enjoyable.
  9. If we do not know the rules and small precautions to do yoga, then your health can be harmed rather than benefited.

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Yoga Tips-Yoga  Important Tips for Beginners.

  1. Yoga Tips for Beginners in 2020. Yoga is done by reading from a book. Many people do yoga by reading from a book, which can be fatal for them.
  2.  According to the experience of yoga instructors, by learning yoga from the book and starting the practice of Nauli Kriya, the nerves of a person's anus had stopped working.
  3.  Because of this, they did not know at the time of defecation. Whenever there was pain, it was known.
  4. Doing Yoga by watching TV Channels Nowadays Yoga is being taught on TV channels and people are also doing yoga by bringing CDs.
  5. Experienced yoga teachers believe that it is not right to do yoga by watching a yoga instructor on television.
  6. Under the supervision of experienced teachers, yoga should be done only after the training of yoga.
  7. According to experts, the people who do Bhastrika Pranayama can also complain of asthma.
  8.  In Bhastrika Pranayama, there is pressure on the lungs. This makes the lungs highly active and can also cause asthma. Second pranayama Kapalbhati is also more dangerous for women.
  9.  If Kapalbhati is practiced without binding (without closing the anus and vagina), internal organs are pressurized and those organs move downwards. This can cause the uterus to move out of its place in women.
  10. According to yoga instructors, yoga is practiced after examining the nature and problem of a person's body.
  11. During this time, the response within the patient is closely monitored and changes are made on the basis of it.
  12. Even common pranayama anulom-antonym is not for everyone. When we take air from one nostril and release it from the other
  13. So this distracts the respiratory center of the brain which controls respiration. It is necessary that it should be done with due education.

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You can get good results by following Yoga's top tips:-

  1. Top Tips for Yoga - Take care of breathing
  2. Top Tips of Yoga - Do Yoga on an empty stomach
  3. Top Yoga Tips - Stay Calm
  4. Top tips for yoga - practice self-control
  5. Top Tips for Yoga - Set Time
  6. Top Yoga Tips - Choose the Right Location
  7. Top Yoga Tips - Choosing Clothes
  8. Top Yoga Tips - For Women

Top Tips for Yoga - Take care of breathing.

  1. Swash is as important a component of yoga as yoga postures. Doing yoga-asanas without controlling the breathing process is incomplete.
  2. Never do mouth breathing while doing yoga-asanas. Breathing through the mouth can be very harmful.
  3. Therefore, while doing yoga, take the breath through your nose only. Take information from yoga instructor while doing yoga asanas and keep breathing as per the rules.
  4. Keep in mind, never stop the process of breathing while doing yoga-asanas.

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Top Tips of Yoga - Do Yoga on an empty stomach.

  1. Never do yoga posture immediately after eating.
  2. Doing so can prove to be very harmful.
  3. Do yoga on an empty stomach in the morning.
  4. If you don’t have time in the morning to do yoga,
  5. So in the day, you can do yoga 2 to 3 hours after eating food.

Top Yoga Tips - Stay Calm.

  1. Always do yoga alone or in a quiet place.
  2. Keep in mind that do not talk to anyone while doing yoga and do not keep the phone or mobile with you.
  3.  This corrupts meditation and you cannot do yoga with concentration,
  4. Due to which good results are not available soon.

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Top tips for yoga - practice self-control.

  1. When people learn yoga for the first time, it often comes to their mind
  2.  What if I do yoga quickly, then the sooner I get the benefit of it. This is wrong thinking.
  3.  One should be restrained and patient while doing yoga, because every person has a different ability, and according to that he is able to do yoga.
  4. So if you learn and do yoga with restraint,
  5. So you will get to learn more new types of yoga postures, which will give you positive results.

Top Tips for Yoga - Set Time.

  1. To do yoga it is necessary that you choose a certain time and do yoga at the same time every day.
  2. You can get up early in the morning, before eating food in the afternoon or do yoga in the evening.
  3. Doing yoga in the morning is usually considered very good because at that time the environment around you and you are calm.
  4. And in the morning you also have more energy.
  5. Therefore, doing yoga in the morning keeps the same energy throughout the day and keeps you active throughout the day.

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Top Yoga Tips - Choose the Right Location.

  1. If you have a separate room in your own house, you can do that yoga
  2. And if it is not so, then you should choose any clean and quiet place in your house where you have enough space
  3.  And you could do yoga by laying your yoga mat there. Remember that the place should be airy and clean.
  4.  Keep in mind that never do yoga on the floor or the ground. Always do yoga by laying a mat or clean cloth on the ground.
  5. If you do yoga in the morning, then keep the face towards the east or north and while doing yoga in the evening, do yoga by facing towards the west or south direction.

Top Yoga Tips - Choosing Clothes.

  1. Keep in mind that never wear tight clothes while doing yoga, because by wearing such clothes you will not be able to do yoga-asanas well and for long.
  2.  Do yoga by wearing loose and comfortable clothes.
  3. Apart from this, if you are wearing jewelry and jewelry in your throat, hands, feet, then also remove it before doing yoga.
  4.  Avoid heavy make-up before doing yoga.

Top Yoga Tips - For Women.

  1. Women should not do yoga during their menstruation,
  2. Because the uterine cavity remains open during this period and the bleeding process continues.
  3. Therefore, doing yoga during this time can cause serious bleeding problems.
  4. Also, if a woman is pregnant, she should not do yoga during pregnancy.
  5.  Some simple asanas of yoga can be done 3 months after pregnancy.
  6. However, before doing yoga in such a situation, please consult a yoga instructor.