Weight loss Tips:- Weight loss with Running

weight loss with Running.

One of the best tips to lose weight with the running is that today many people are worried about obesity but do not want to do anything to overcome it. 

The idea of ​​going to the gym arises, but when you see the food in front, obesity is tempted to forget the taste and after eating, it feels golden. You can lose weight simply by running. Simply follow the formula mentioned below.

The best tips to lose weight with Running.

Scientists have claimed that if you run only 50 minutes a week, then your age may increase. Researchers say that any type of running habit can reduce the chances of dying earlier by 27 percent. Not only this,

 The risk of death from cancer and heart disease can also be reduced by 30 to 23 percent. Experts say it is mandatory for older people to exercise at least 75 minutes a week.

You can lose weight from running. Simply follow the formula mentioned below.

  1. Researchers around the world agree that nothing is better than running. There are not too many problems, it is the best training in less money and less time.
  2. If you run even 50 minutes a week at a speed of eight kilometers per hour, then this is enough.
  3. According to researchers, running in any way is beneficial to health. More career does not necessarily increase its lifespan.
  4. People between 19 and 64 must exercise every day. Walk or ride a bike at least 150 minutes a week.
  5. Weightlifting exercises at least two days a week. If you can not So you can do a 75-minute run or a game of tennis in a week.

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The biggest formula is to lose weight with running.

  1. The biggest formula is to lose weight. At first, there will be problems, but believe me, if it takes 1 month to do this job, running will be your hobby.
  2. As you begin to lose weight, your resistance will increase automatically. That's why I buy a Treadmill, or join the gym or start running in a park in the morning or at night.
  3. There is a problem in the beginning. Tired after running for 1-2 minutes but kept running. Start with 3 minutes. The first 7 days last 5 minutes.
  4. Run 1 minute and then run for 30 seconds. Do this for the next 7 days for 10 minutes. Then increase the runtime for the third week
  5. Now he ran for 3 minutes and lasted 1 minute. Try to make the resistance run for 15 minutes.
  6. Running 20-30 minutes every day is beneficial to overall health. Experts consider that it is essential for those who practice the regular running to understand good shoes and the correct techniques for running.
  7. Walk a few minutes before starting the running, warm up the body.
  8. It is necessary to do some stretching before and after running. It is good to skewer ham.
  9. While stopping the running, slow down a little earlier. Run in the same place. Take small steps. Do strong exercise exercises on the days you are not running. Wear shoes the right way. Include enough nutrients in the diet. Do not let the body lack water.
  10. The correct way to run is to have your head in front and your eyes towards the horizon. Do not tilt your head forward or look at your feet while running.
  11. An hour of daily operation burns between 705 and 865 calories. Body fat is also reduced and weight is lost.
  12. The lower part of the body is strengthened when running. Strengthens the ligaments and nervous system and strengthens the body.
  13. The lungs are strong and the respiratory process improves with continuous exercise. The effect of asthma is reduced.
  14. During pressure, our body supplies some additional minerals to the bones, which strengthens them. This process is also applied while running, which increases bone density over time.
  15. The biggest advantage of strengthening the ligaments and the nervous system is that the joints are strong. The possibility of the knee, hip and ankle injuries also decreases.
  16. If you run regularly, then your immunity is strong and you are not easy to control minor diseases.
  17. The arteries dilate and narrow as they run. This causes arterial exercise, as well as blood pressure control.
  18. While running, chemicals like androgen are produced in the body, which makes us feel happy and we feel good about ourselves. Total mental health and stress decrease.
  19. Regular running practice increases confidence and allows you to take better control of your life.
  20. Regular running exercise improves the insulin production process and keeps the level of diabetes in the body's blood under control.
  21. Three to five days a week is enough. 20 to 60 minutes of continuous running or aerobic activities. Keep in mind.