yoga international 2020||| The benefits of a yoga |

yoga international 2020, The benefits of a yoga, Although yoga is an integral part of Hindu culture, it is the knowledge that is beyond all religions, cultures, and anyone can adopt it.
yoga international 2020||The benefits of being a yoga |
yoga international 2020

Introduction to yoga and the benefits of a yoga|

The benefits of yoga, Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which means to add. It is the way of the union of body, mind, and soul: the union of self-consciousness with divine consciousness. Yoga is a path to the harmony of the body, mind, and soul.

yoga international 2020, The benefits of yoga, Every human being wants pleasure. In ancient times, the wise used to reach that state of supreme consciousness by Muni Swadhyay, where they were interviewed automatically in the art of living healthy, happy and meaningful lives.

The benefits of yoga, yoga international 2020, Yoga is not only a type of physical practice but a pearl of ancestral wisdom that guides us to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life, whose ultimate goal is to find ourselves.

yoga international 2020, Although yoga is an integral part of Hindu culture, it is the knowledge that is beyond all religions, cultures, and anyone can adopt it.these are the benefits of yoga,

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Benefits of having yoga international 2020,

The benefits of yoga, yoga international 2020, Introducing yoga helps eliminate toxic elements from the body. 
Direct the correct flow of energy in the body.
Muscle elasticity and joint movement.
Limb fixation and body alignment.
Directs digestive function, hormonal glands, and flow fibers.
To strengthen limb muscles, keep the body healthy and maintain puberty.
Asthma, diabetes, heart disease and many chronic diseases.

Physical benefits of yoga:

  • Yoga helps you sleep better
  • The benefits of yoga are increased natural energy levels and vitality.
  • Yoga increases more flexibility, strength, and endurance.
  • Doing yoga creates a better balance.
  • Yoga leads to a strong immune system
  • Yoga reduces pulse and respiratory rate
  • Yoga reduces blood pressure.
  • Yoga increases cardiovascular performance
  • Yoga increases respiratory capacity
  • Yoga lowers cholesterol
  • Yoga which cleans and controls all the systems of the body

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What are the mental benefits of yoga?

  • Calm and clarity with yoga
  • Yoga leads to more confidence and generally a more positive mood
  • Yoga increases inner well being and a sense of focus
  • Increasing awareness of body and movement through yoga
  • Yoga also reduces counters depression and anxiety
  • Yoga improves your ability to concentrate
  • Yoga leads to greater self-acceptance
  • Social skills increase

The benefits of yoga: Yoga is a complete science|

The benefits of yogaYoga is a complete science. It unites the body, mind, soul and the universe. Provide peace and joy to each person. It also brings important changes in a person's behavior, thoughts and attitude. Daily yoga practice increases our inner peace, sensitivity, intuition, and awareness.

The benefits of yoga: Yoga is not just a physical practice|

The benefits of yoga, Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a path of deeper emotional integration and spiritual advancement, which allows us to glimpse the dimension beyond all imagination.

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The benefits of yoga: Our mind is like a pendulum|

The benefits of yogaOur mind is like a pendulum; What continues to oscillate from the past to the future, from repentance and anger to anxiety, and from fear to sadness and happiness. Yoga postures allow us to maintain parity in life. Yoga asanas are not just exercises or exercises.

The benefits of yoga: As described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali|

The benefits of yogaAs described in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Sthyam Sukham Asanam means that yoga is a balance of effort and relaxation. We try to adopt the posture and then rest there. Yogasan brings balance in all aspects of our life. It teaches us to fight and then surrender, enlightenment to be free of consequences. Yogasana improves our physical flexibility and develops our thoughts.

The benefits of yoga: Yogasana should be done with breathing and breathing alertness|

The benefits of yogaYogasana should be done with breathing and breathing alertness. When we raise our hands to do yoga, we first realize our hand and then slowly raise it, to the rhythm of the breath. Moving from one Yogasana pose to another is beautiful as a dance. Do more than we can easily do in each posture, and rest easy in Firussi, this is the key to the practice of yoga. These postures develop our mind when the body is taken beyond its acceptable limits.

The benefits of yoga:There is another yoga sutra from Maharishi Patanjali|

There is another yoga sutra from Maharishi Patanjali, Prayatna Shaithilyanant Sampattibhyam, who again repeats the same philosophy. Try and dedicate and by doing this our consciousness reaches the end, our consciousness develops.

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Yoga poses told by Maharishi Patanjali.:-

  • Conasan Yogasana 
  • Konasson 2 Yogasana 
  • KatichkrasanYogasana 
  • Manual production Yogasana 
  • Semi circle Yogasana 
  • Trikonasana Yogasana 
  • Veerabhadrasana Yogasana 
  • Padottanasan raisin Yogasana 
  • Tree plantation Yogasana 
  • Hello west Yogasana 
  • Garudasan Yogasana 
  • Chair posture Yogasana 
  • Janu ShikasanaYogasana  
  • Paschimottasan Yogasana 
  • Premeditation Yogasana 
  • Vasisthasan Yogasana 
  • Half mouth dog Yogasana  
  • Makar Adho Mukha Shwansana Yogasana 
  • Ardh Matsyendrasana Yogasana 
  • Butterfly seat Yogasana 
  • Lotus seat Yogasana 
  • A pad raj kapotasan Yogasana 
  • Easy margarie Yogasana 
  • Ustrasana Yogasana 
  • Baby seat Yogasana 
  • Grinding posture Yogasana 
  • Dhanurasana Yogasana 
  • Bhujangasana Yogasana 
  • Salamba bhujangasana Yogasana 
  • Reverse martyrdom Yogasana 
  • Shalabhasan Yogasana 
  • Naukasan Yogasana 
  • Sethu Bandhasan Yogasana 
  • Matsyasan Yogasana 
  • Pawanmuktasan Yogasana 
  • Sarvangasan Yogasana 
  • Hallasan Yogasana 
  • Natrajasan Yogasana 
  • Vishnusan Yogasana 
  • Embalmment Yogasana 

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